Life in a housing co-op

What is a housing co-op?
  • A legal association of members
  • Members own the co-op, the co-op owns the housing
  • Members work together to create a viable business and a co-operative community
  • A co-op is a home, not an investment
  • Goal is security of tenure, not equity
What the co-op will expect from you:
  • Pay your housing charges on time
  • Follow the co-op’s rules and policies
  • Keep your unit in good condition
  • Be a good neighbour
  • Get involved in the co-op
All co-ops, including housing co-ops, are guided by the co-operative principles:
  • Open membership
  • Democratic member control
  • Economic participation
  • Independence
  • Co-operative education
  • Co-operation with other co-operatives
  • Community